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This is the first time I (Hristo) am really forced into a deep contemplation about my journey with design. I guess I have been blessed, or shall I say cursed, to look for the perfect design in forms and patterns everywhere, anywhere and how they intersect with function. 

Is it a gift or is it a burden? It is hard to say...I have deep dived in the design process many times and found out that collaboration is the key. This is where our team comes to play. 

Marta has a killer intuition and sound judgment, she is super perceptive and has an aesthetic vision that's out of this world. She brings the artisan approach in our line through her long product design experience.

Mariela is here to keep us down to earth, and to take care of all the dirty jobs. She brings mountain high enthusiasm and knows how to climb peaks. We truly are a super special team!

When we first saw the technical drawings of the super special sneakers in an old, covered with dust production book, it all clicked into place. Our quest for timeless designs was finally completed. The only task was to bring it to life... And this is what we did with all our love and attention. 

Shortly after, we completed the concept of timeless design with our eco-friendly hand finished clothes collection.

We love the past, but we look forward to building a better future for ourselves and our children. We are creating designs that build bridges between the past and the future. This is the core of our design philosophy. Our design process is a constant travel through time in a quest to create truly timeless designs that fight the fast fashion world. We hope you will join us on that journey!


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